tan prep & Aftercare

The more days you exfoliate leading up to your spray, the better. 

48 hours before your tan; make it a self-care date. Wash your hair and soak in the bath (or take a long shower) and use a body brush or mitt to exfoliate. Pay special attention to knees, elbow, ankles, chest (cleavage) and most skin folds (arm pits, behind knees etc). If you don’t have a brush or mitt you can make an easy DIY scrub by mixing equal parts sugar & salt with a tablespoon of lemon juice (or more as needed) and moisturize after. 

48 hours before 

pre-spray prep

The night before your spray shave and exfoliate again using a NON oil scrub, but do not wash your hair as the conditioner film can inhibit the development of your tan. If you absolutely have to wash your hair be sure to exfoliate AFTER. (waxing should take place at least 48 hours before) and either don’t moisturize or moisturize minimally. 

day/night before 

Don't shower. We want to ensure your pores are closed and the pH of your skin is normal.

No lotion or oils. If you have extremely dry areas a bit of lotion is okay, but be careful as too much can keep your tan from developing.

Wear or bring dark loose clothing for after your spray & sandals or uggs (no socks).

Plan accordingly as all swimming, showering, vigorous exercise (AND dishes) must be avoided for at least 12 hours.

VITAL TIP - Your tan should be your last beauty treatment! All pedi/mani/facials/massages/waxing etc should be done AT LEAST 48 hours prior to tan.

appointment day


After marinating for the recomended time by your artist (typically 8 hours for LUXE and 2-4 hours for RAPID LUXE); it’s time for a lukewarm rinse.

In the shower, gently rinse off WITHOUT any soap. Feel free to use yourhands to glide away any bronzer.

Ensure the water runs clear before hopping out. Take a quick look in the mirror and if you see any streaks, jump back in and rinse a litttlllleeeee more thoroughly.

Pat dry with the softest towel you own and DO NOT apply any moisturizer or oils as this will stop development of your tan.

3 to 12 hours after 

After 24 hours you can shower normally and wash your hair. We suggest warm water as too hot of water can break down your tan much quicker.

Avoid shaving if you can. When necessary, use a new blade without a moisture strip and use conditioner instead of shaving cream or soap for a barrier.

After showering pat dry with the softest towel you own and lube yourself up with all the moisturizer that you desire. Just make sure it’s tan safe (avoid mineral oils)

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24 hours after

Moisturize daily, twice daily for extra points and for extra, extra points use a tan extender starting day three (we love Tan Luxe)

For our busty gals and gym rats use a drying dust to keep from breaking down your tan (available in studio).

Drink ALL the water. Hydration starts from within.

Avoid anything with mineral oil as it will strip your tan almost immediately!

Ravish in your fine bronze-y, bad ass, sparkly, spicy self

 * Remember, don’t exfoliate until you’re ready to remove or book your next glow.




vital info for flawless results


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